Saturday, January 16, 2010

Loop off the Loom

I discovered this cute weaving studio- "Loop of the Loom" when I was researching online for places that teach felt- making. The Cooper- Hewitt's Felt exhibition, hosted a few months ago, was extremely inspiring and I developed this new found respect and curiosity for Felt . If you didn't get a chance to check it out, you can still catch some images online. Trust me, this stuff is life-change!
Anyway, back to Loop of the Loom......
Loop of the Loom is a weaving studio but occasionally will have special guest instructors or will teach special project, one being this felt making class. I visited this studio back in December 2009 to see the facility and to sign up for the felt making class but after seeing all the "work-in-progress " weaves on the looms, I decided to sign up for a beginners weaving class for the following week.

The weaving class was a great creative outlet! The pedals on the looms were a little tricky but once you master that, the rest is easy. They teach little kids (6+) how to weave on the same looms! You'll probably feel a little overwhelmed at their yarn selection so there's always something for everybody.

They are having a 'Sunday Promotion' special when you bring an extra person. Also, they are teaching a felt making class 1/30 and space is limited. So reserve your spot immediately if you are interested, more information here.

...and below is a swatch I wove from the initial class. I gradually started experimenting with tension as I was weaving and ended up liking the looser weave better because of the translucency and how the warp, in this case is the black thread, is more pronounce.

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